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Blackjack'59 play 1950s style rock 'n' roll music. From mainly early 1950s 'Rockabilly' to late 50s Rock n Roll. There is a compliment of two guitars, piano, double bass, drums and our wild front man 'Pete'
We are based in Ipswich, England.
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A party a Terry's place. The joint was rockin' !


A good night at the MND charity evening (above). Thanks to all who came. £920 was raised for MND


Beautiful painting presented to the band by Sue Thorn. Thank you so much Sue!


Just a note to say that £915 was raised for charity by the above event. Well done!
Thanks one and all!


Just a note to say that £825 was raised in aid of Motor Neurone Disease at the Parkeston Railway Club (above)

Well done guys!







Updated 17/02/19

Many thanks to all those that attended our 2019 Valentines gig at Needham! And also cheers to Nigel who provided an excellent 'record hop' with a swing flavour!


The organisers of last Saturday’ Blackjack '59 gig at Needham Market Community Centre have informed us that the event raised £450 for ‘Traceys Legacy’, which supports a numbers of national charities. They have already allocated some of the money in aid of Marie Curie. Once again, thanks again to all those who came along on Saturday.Blackjack '59


11 November 2018
 The word is spreading. BJ 59 got a play on Radio Suffolk's Saturday night rock n roll show.


*Live performances and details are subject to updates and changes